Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rachel Brice

Circa 2010. Honestly, I don't like this drawing very much; it seems lazy and the proportions are off, but it was requested to be the first one posted, so here it is!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wasabi: Soy's Fairy God Mother

As far as being girly, I typically leave that up to Wasabi.  That is not to say I'm not girly-actually I am quite so, about many things; I get jealous, I feel fat some/most days, I love dressing up, and I get terribly moody and antagonistic on my period, etc etc.  That is also not to say that Wasabi is an uber girly girl-she is actually more sporty and outdoorsy than myself and a lot more the part of the Amazon warrior than I can ever hope to be.  But when it comes to the little girly things-I count Wasabi as master.

So when I woke up a week ago with a huge pimple forming on my chin, a mere day away from a rather exciting event I wanted to look really good at and a week away from a fancy pants wedding I wanted to look absolutely stunning at, I called Wasabi frantically trying to figure out what magical remedy or product she would have in mind for me to use.  You should know this about me; any fancy products I use are because of Wasabi.  That excellent body scrub lotion I use for my shoulders and back to make my skin luminescent?  Wasabi told me about that.  The reason I wash my hair before my face, every single time I shower-because of something Wasabi told me in high school.  In any case, despite it being way too early for her (we live in two different timezomes) she gave me three suggestions, only one of which I heard of.

I don't really wear makeup either except on the occasional fancy night out but even the little I own and used-well I learned it all from her (although she has acknowledged I've gotten more bold with the bright eye shadow colors in a way she would not).  All my hair tips come from her as well although I have been lucky to avoid using a blowdryer or hair straitener for my whole life-seriously, I have no idea how to use those things.  They are like car engines and ovens to me.  I do cut my own hair-and Wasabi didn't teach me how but she sure as hell encourages me every time I do.

And clothing?  Well, of the two of us Wasabi was always the fashionista.  One of my more distinct memories concerning my poor choice of clothing in middle school was the day I finished getting ready and Wasabi looked me up and down and simply said "You're wearing THAT to school?"  She isn't always so harsh but Wasabi has carefully been helping me to look my best for a long time.  She does so with regard to my own personal style choices as well-knowing I would never be able  pull of what she does.  In fact,  told her about the same wedding I am excited about attending next week and since she happens to be visiting me around the same time she got really and fantastically excited and has already let me know she's bringing about 10 dresses for me to try on.

While Wasabi will always be my personal stylist, and I her real life barbie doll, what I love most about her is that she's also my biggest cheerleader.  When I feel like crap, when I think I look like crap, when I'm feeling miserable or stressed out, or when I'm just freaking out, she is always there yelling at me to buck up because of "how awesome I am."  I only hope she knows how awesome she is too and that I can be as good a cheerleader and fair go mother to her as well.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quick Quick Character Sketches

From a story Duck once proposed.  These are the two sisters, one a trained bodyguard and lover of animals-also attending university, and the other a high society socialite and assassin.  Part of a Mafia family he described.
The proportions and stance aren't actually as wonky as it looks in this picture-damn camera phone.

One day I will own nice things like a scanner and scan and ink things like this.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Soy contemplates saying those three little words..

So about a month ago I had a conversation with my girlfriends and we discussed possible ways I could tell my boyfriend I love him.  It was silly, definitely, but also fun.

Our ideas, and again, I apologize for the quality:

The Kick, as Soy Saw it

I love that Duck, Wasabi, and I all have different versions of how this event went down.  I also love that it's this one big mutual memory we all share.

His how it probably looked:

Duck and Noir Go to the Pet Store...Almost

Duck and Noir asked me to redraw a seriously adorable stick figure comic Duck had drawn of one of their daily experiences:  Noir wanting to go to the pet store to admire, and risk taking home, the animals.  I agreed only if I could post the original as well as my version.

I still don't have a scanner so I had to take pics of these with my phone.

My version (I am not particularly skilled at driving cars):

Duck's Version:

Aren't they just adorable?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wasabi: I am Woman!

Poorly scanned in sketch I did of Wasabi.  She will kick your ass all over the place.